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What it’s about and why it’s important!

In Sight: The Modern Tactics Behind A Footballer’s Field of View

The Cutting Edge Tactics in The Premier League


How to create stability while winning the ball back as fast as possible

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The Tactics Teams’ Use At Football’s Top Level To Consistently Control Their Defensive Phase

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The Paradox In Their Core Principles

The Importance of Having Adaptability When Pressing


How Spain Use Possession To Create Superiority


The Concepts and Ideas Behind England’s Continual Improvement Throughout The Euros

Staples In The Lineup

The Tactical Clash of Two European Giants


The one base structure everyone seems to be adopting and why

What is it?

My book on Rotations and trying to progress analytics forward

This is a picture of my book

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The Main Idea of The Book

Defining The Two Terms:

Symmetric Rotations: These are rotations where the overall structure stays the same. These rotations keep the same positions, but puts new players in them. These rotations are key for bringing different players and their unique qualities to different roles to create an advantage.

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James Wilcox

Football Analyst/Footballista/Self Published Author/High Level Tactical Content Twitter: “Modern Football Analyst” @videosmodern Youtube: https://bit.ly/33IWaDk

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